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     In Berlin
   the barrel organ
is also called “Leierkasten”!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen"

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

Organ grinder, barrel organ or hurdy-gurdy lady - here is the place to be!

We are "Berolinchen" and "Bärchen", barrel organ grinder
from Berlin and we are happy to welcome you to our web site.

The Berlin-program with Barrel organ music, Berlin songs, singing and stories.

We are two "Berlin Originals“ with class, humorously with old Berlin popular songs and evergreens. "Berolinchen" plays the barrel organ, and "Bärchen" sings to the beautiful sound of the barrel organ music. He tells short and funny stories and anecdotes from old Berlin.

There is much to laugh and dancing is also allowed. If you forgot the lyrics of the songs, that is not a problem, we also bring some English lyrics, which are easy to read just in case.

Barrel Organ Grinder Manuela und Ingo Hopf
""Berolinchen" and "Bärchen"
barrel organ grinder from Berlin.

Orgelspieler Hopf
""Berolinchen" and "Bärchen"
barrel organ grinder from Berlin.

Weihnachtsprogramm Leierkasten Manuela und Ingo Hopf Orgelspieler Weihnachtsprogramm

A cheerful Christmas program with the barrel organ

If the topic "Berlin" is not enough – we will also offer you a cheerful Christmas program with famous Christmas songs like “O Christmas Tree“ or “Silent Night“ and also tell short and funny Christmas stories and accordingly poems. We bring song books, and everyone has the desire to sing with us.

You can choose whether the barrel organ grinder come to you wearing a "Santa Claus" and an "angel"-costume or dressed up in old Berlin style. For more information on our wide assortment of costumes please click
»» organ grinder-costumes.

Leierkastenmusik Manuela und Ingo Hopf Drehorgel-Musik Veranstaltung Leierkastenmusik Veranstaltung Leierkasten Musik

Barrel organ music for reception or as background music

Do you wish to listen to barrel organ music while receiving your guests or as background music for your private party, or does your event has a special topic and you are still looking for the right barrel organ music?

We offer you a great choice of barrel organ music for different styles of music: Farewell songs, evergreens, French-, English- and Italian-songs, children, church, classical music, marching songs, marches, musicals, music for wedding, opera- and musical songs, sailor-, spirit songs-, folk songs and waltz.

Barrel organ music for any event

Give your event an individual, unforgettable note by the use of the warm and pleasant sound of barrel organ music. We do not need technology and therefore we are able to spread high spirits with our barrel organ and the appropriate barrel organ-vehicle in the whole area. Thanks to our beautiful costumes we are a popular theme for pictures and films. Whether for reception or right in the middle, we are applicable everywhere!

By the use of our multifunctional variety of costumes, we are not only able to dress suitable for any occasion, but also colour-coordinated to your company logo or to the decoration of your table.

Whether at
- an Advent or Christmas market,
- a nostalgic annual fair,
- an exhibition or an business opening,
- a international major event,
- a birthday or a wedding party,
- a family-, court-, summer-, street- party, or a public festival,
- at a historical village fair,
- a barbeque in a garden plot,
- a coffee afternoon for seniors,
- a Christmas staff party,
- your roofing ceremony,
- shootings,
- a boat trip,
- at an international company anniversary,
- a classy New Year reception or reception with champangne,
- a twelve-hour background music at a fair,
- an "open day",

the music of the barrel organ is typical "berlinerisch", warm-hearted, and also wonderfully suitable for your event.
You will find more pictures of our events in our »» gallery.

Barrel organ grinder "Berolinchen & Bärchen" with the "Berlin Bear" at the fair grounds in Berlin.

Barrel organ music with "Berolinchen & Bärchen" at the reception at the Estrell hotel

Barrel organ player "Bärchen" and the "Berlin Bear" to the opening of the subway line U55.

Barrel organ lady "Berolinchen" in front of the Brandenburg Gate (German: Brandenburger Tor) for a group of tourists.

Barrel organ music with "Berolinchen & Bärchen" for seniors with the topic "Hawaii".

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" with their barrel organ at the Christmas market.

Be close to the German style street organ

Our German style "Street Organ" are usually operated by a music roll. The hand-turned mechanic street organ, often known as a barrel organ. For our performance, we only use barrel organ, whose music controlling corresponds to old tradition, which are mechanical instead of electronic, that is to say: we come with an original, operated by a clamping band of the hand organ! If you are interested, we will also explain the machine heads of the barrel organ to you. In this way, everyone can find out how the barrel organ works.

Our barrel organ is suitable for outdoor performances as well as performances in buildings. It is very nice to view the barrel organ at close quarters and those who would like to turn the "crank" are free to do so!

The former Governing Mayor of Berlin, Eberhard Diepgen, brims over with enthusiasm for the street organ.

The former Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, is in good spirits while playing the hurdy-gurdy with "Berolinchen und Bärchen".

The opera singer René Kollo turns the "crank" lever of the barrel organ and sings while playing in front of the "Schlosspark Theatre" Berlin, at the premiere "Wie einst im Mai".

In the garden of the Bellevue Palace (German: Schloss Bellevue) Berlin, the former Federal President Johannes Rau, plays the barrel organ.

We spread high spirits with our barrel organ for more than 25 years

We can look back on a multitude of amazing performances such as: three performances in the Bellevue Palace, a performance on television for „Drei Damen vom Grill“, Harald Juhnke, Brigitte Mira and Brigitte Grothum, and more. The highlight was, however, an engagement in Chicago! Would you like to find out more about us?

"From Steglitz to Chicago with the barrel organ",
you will find this article and a lot more information about
"Berolinchen & Bärchen" on page press.

“hurdy-gurdy lady" "Berolinchen" with her barrel organ in Chicago.

Harald Juhnke, Brigitte Mira, and Brigitte Grothum with "Berolinchen" for shoots of the popular TV series "Drei Damen vom Grill".

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" with the former Federal President Roman Herzog in the garden of the Bellevue Palace.

Since we perform with the barrel organ as musical instrument since 1989, we have already gained many experiences, whether as an act in the middle of the audience, we are always around for you. We offer you programs which are individually arranged for different performances.

If you have any questions or wishes,
do not hesitate to contact us at any time.
Please give us a call or send us an »» e-mail.

The barrel organ has an old tradition in Berlin

The barrel organ, also called "Leierkasten" in Berlin vernacular, is an emblem of old Berlin tradition. In former times, the barrel organ was used by street musicians, ballad mongers and singers of street ballads as a musical instrument for breadwinning. The barrel organ player was dressed very casually. In the past, he went from backyard to backyard and played his own music. Many barrel organ grinders did not have their own barrel organ but walked through the streets only having one borrowed instrument.

People were looking out of the windows and enjoyed the music and threw down small coins. Nowadays in Berlin, the barrel organ grinders only comes rarely to the backyard – but we would love to come to your event!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" also come with the barrel organ to your event!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen" arrange for the right atmosphere at your event. Moreover, you have the possibility to book us either single or as a organ grinder-duo as well as together with the "Berlin Bear".

All your guests will welcome this original idea and will be excited about it. Everyone will be happy to listen to the old famous sound again. While listening to the sound of barrel organ music, you start dreaming of former times. Thanks to beautiful music and the nostalgic costumes, our performances are also very suitable for the international audience.

We are also willing to offer you a program which is partly in English. You will find the prices in the following category
»» prices.

We are always around for you!
The “Berlin Bear" and "Berolinchen & Bärchen" from Berlin

Do you feel like getting a piece of Berlin?

Enjoy the old Berlin songs. Make a musical trip to the times of old Berlin. Enjoy the small stories and anecdotes from the time of "Heirich Zille" (1858-1929 an astute observer an icon of bygone Berlin).

Anyway, we are looking forward to your request!

"Berolinchen & Bärchen"

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If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone or >> e-mail.

Berolinchen & Bärchen

Manuela & Ingo Hopf

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